Andy The Hobo Traveler In Barbados – But Who Is He?

We earlier told our readers about “Andy the Hobo Traveler” and predicted that he might be heading for Barbados. Andy arrived yesterday, Thursday 23rd, on a Liat flight from St. Vincent.

Andy mentioned Barbados Free Press in his blog, and seemed to be a little concerned that we had pre-announced his intent to visit Barbados. I guess Andy likes his privacy, and I can understand that. He has turned himself into a bit of a minor celebrity: It’s not every unemployed hobo who operates one of the world’s most popular travel websites.

Andy Accidentally Discovers Gay Barbados

Last night Andy stayed in a guest house, but left when he found himself staying at the wrong end of the beach. It seems he couldn’t even go for a stroll without having half a dozen men trying to pick him up. Oh well, Andy doesn’t seem too offended and writes in his blog that he finds Bajan gays to be quite mannerly, restrained and more civilized than in some other places he has visited. (For those who don’t know, Andy is a very straight guy heading for 50 years old – who is constantly being approached by women half his age.)

Andy wrote a whole page on Gay Barbados – very humourous – and this morning was in an internet cafe near The Gap. See you on the beach tonight, Andy!

Here are some links to, and about, Andy the Hobo Traveler…

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Andy The Hobo Traveler – Web Site

Original Barbados Free Press article “Andy the Hobo Traveler Hits the Caribbean – Maybe Barbados”

Andy’s Post: “Gay Barbados”

UPDATED: Andy Says Hello

At 5:15pm, we received the following email from Andy…

Re: Andy Hobo to Marcus, Robert and Shona.
This is Andy of
Thanks for the kind words.
I leave on Sunday for Anguilla,
The beaches of Barbados are great, nice to see bikinis.
Andy in the Gap or Guesthouse area…?
South Beach or Worthing

Thanks “Life is good”
Andy the
Travel Blog

Good Luck Andy…

We will continue to follow your adventures.

Robert, Shona & Marcus

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