Remembering the Message of Dr. Colin Hudson – Barbados Environmental Advocate

Colin_Hudson_Barbados.JPGThe internet is a marvelous place. A few minutes of almost random searching and one can stumble across all sorts of fascinating stories that are new or, like this story, just forgotten as our lives get busier and busier.

I had not forgotten Dr. Colin Hudson, but I did need to remember his message…

Until his death in 2004, Dr. Colin Hudson was one of the foremost Bajan clarions against development gone wild. The government often tried to use or misuse his credibility for their own purpose, but he continued to pound out his message of sustainable development for Barbados right to the last.

I accidentally discovered a number of websites that continue to promote the good doctor’s message, and remind us that more and more hotels, roads, cars and menial servant jobs for our children is not the choice that most Bajans would make. (Which, of course, begs the question: Who is making these choices for us?)

Here is a small excerpt from one of the websites…

“As we watch the rapid urbanization and suburbanization of Barbados and the agricultural lands, seascapes and landscapes being lost to inappropriate physical development, we feel an inner and outer loss that is very profound; we feel a disconnect; we feel and see the pressing need for an adequate planning legislation that will protect and conserve those lands which provide the fodder for our basic needs.”

“When I say basic needs, I not only mean the need for residential housing and commercial ventures, food, quality air and water, I include our cultural, recreational, psychological, aesthetic and ecological needs. It is the fulfillment of these needs which make us whole.”

Here are some of the websites. Visit one and you will find a dozen all connected…

Barbados Environmental Society

Memorial Site for Colin Hudson, 1938-2004

Tributes to Colin Hudson (Some excellent information about his work)

Thanks for all your work Colin.


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