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Good Changes at Barbados Free Press

You Like Us! You Really Do Like Barbados Free Press!

Thanks to our readers from all over the world who have sent words of encouragement, advice, story tips and yes, criticism. When we published our first article just five weeks ago, we had no idea how much our work would resonate with Bajans and others at home and overseas.

Some of our posts have been picked up internationally – by online media and international organizations – and we are now receiving many hundreds of new visitors every day. As of this morning, a standard Google Search for “Barbados Politics” lists Barbados Free Press as hit number 11 of over four and a half MILLION returns! The same search on MSN Search has Barbados Free Press as hits numbers 3 and 4. Wow!

We Hear You: More Positive & Expanded Coverage

While the vast majority of Bajans support our calls for more accountability by government, some of our readers point out that so far we seem to have focused only on the negative. To that, we have to plead guilty as charged, but as we said, “We Hear You.”

Now that we have started to say some of the things that Bajans have been wanting to say for at least a decade, we are going to expand our coverage to include other more positive areas of Barbados and Bajan life.

This is probably a good time to remind people that we love Barbados and want the best for it now and into the future. We promise to continue publishing hard-hitting articles to remind our government that knowledge, transparency and accountability are fundamental to a healthy democracy – and we also hope you will love some of the new things we will be doing.

New Happenings at Barbados Free Press

Our readers near and far have told us they would like to see some posts about…

– Bajan Music, Culture, Local History, Food
– Good & Cheap Places to Stay & Vacation
– Island entertainment and sights.
– Bajan Church & Social Happenings
– Local Businesses & Technology
– Bajans living abroad & Bajans on the Web

Anything we missed? Drop us an email or have your say in the Comments section after every post. We’d love to hear from you!

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