Barbados Cabinet Shuffle? Ho Hum, but…

From an article by Donna Sealy in The Nation News

A “NON-EVENT” was how Opposition Leader David Thompson described the Cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister Owen Arthur on Saturday.

“Surely, his retagging of chairs in the Cabinet room cannot be the major overhaul that he promised and which the country expected,” Thompson said.

There will be no changes in priorities, no re-ordering of focus and the shuffle would have absolutely no impact on the social and economic fortunes of Barbadians…

“We (Democratic Labour Party) contend that the changes made were abstract and inconsequential to the challenges that confront Barbados today….”

We at the Barbados Free Press must respectfully disagree in part with Mr. Thompson. Although this cabinet reshuffle was largely a “ho hum” affair designed to make Prime Minister Arthur look less like an all-powerful dictator in time for the upcoming election, it will produce what could be a very significant change…

The removal of the Ministry of Housing from the portfolio of Environment Minister Liz Thompson will allow her to focus on Energy and Environment: two key areas where sub-standard government performance presents the most significant long-term threat to the economy and health of Barbados and it’s citizens.

While we agree with Opposition Housing Critic Michael Lashley that Liz Thompson is in way over her head and totally failed to perform on housing & environment, we are very disappointed with Mr. Lashley’s comments that the Ministry of Energy and Environment is a “two-day-a-week job”.

Unless the Opposition party publicly corrects Mr. Lashley’s comments on the importance of the Energy and Environment portfolio, the DLP will have trouble convincing Bajans that they are any different from the ruling Government.


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