If Barbados Needs Cuban Medical Help, Then We Are Really In Trouble

Just before Christmas, Minister of Health Dr. Jerome Walcott announced that Barbados would accept Cuba’s offer to provide free eye care to Bajans.

The Barbados Advocate described the deal in a December 13, 2005 article, “Walcott: Barbados Plans to Take Up Cuba’s Free Eye Care Offer”, which said in part…

“Under this programme, the Government of Venezuela would provide free air transportation to Cuba for Caribbean nationals requiring surgical procedures on their eyes, while the world class Cuban medical system would provide free treatment in Cuba.”

“…the world class Cuban medical system would provide free treatment in Cuba.

Aside from the issue of the Barbados Advocate printing the words “world class Cuban medical system” like some sort of leftist parrot, let’s take a look at the reality of this “world class Cuban medical system”, shall we?

Hospital Nacional – Havana Cuba


Elderly patient sits on bare bed. Feces on the floor.


Air Conditioners Have Been Stolen From Entire Hospital

Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico Joaquin Albarran – Havana, Cuba


Treatment Room Off Emergency Care Section


Washroom Off Orthopedic Section


The Emergency Room

The above photos courtesy of The Real Cuba.

Cuban Hospital For Foreigners – Centro De Histoterapie Placentaria


Foreigners Can Expect Smiling Doctors and Clean Facilities – and the doctors had better keep smiling or they go back to working at the “normal” Cuban hospitals!


The Centro De Histoterapie Placentaria is a modern facility for foreigners with their foreign dollars. Cuban citizens are not welcome.

Which Type of Cuban Hospital Will Bajans Attend?

We would hope that Barbados Prime Minister Arthur would have a word with Premier Castro about Bajan accomodations. After all, Owen and Fidel are…

The Best of Friends…



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9 responses to “If Barbados Needs Cuban Medical Help, Then We Are Really In Trouble

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  2. What’s in it for Cuba?

    Fidel and Chavez are quite cozy, and the deal seems to be that Venezuela will fly Bajans free and Fidel will give free eye care.

    Chavez hasn’t been to happy with Barbados and Trinidad for their response to his Petrocaribe agreement, and now his government wants to fly Barbadians to Cuba for free eye care. Hum.

    Well, Fidel offered free doctors when Katrina hit the U.S., and Chavez is giving discounted oil to the poor Americans on the East coast. Of course Bush laughed and refused Fidels offer, but took Chavez up on his oil. Hum.

    Well, I’ve been working late trying to get caught up, and just stopped by to give my observations. This story has more layers.

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  4. Jimmy

    Sorry, the photos have to be validated… they could be from anywhere, the ‘nice’ hospital and the ‘not nice’ hospital look the same to me, its the captions that make the difference.

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  7. Jimmy above is suffering a medical condition that can only be treated with Cuban medical care. His total blindness to socialism’s dismal failure virtually EVERYWHERE in the known universe could only be cured by a stay in one of Cuba’s finer hospitals for use by regular Cubans. Please Jimmy…go to Cuba today and for God’s sake and the 11 million Cuban slaves – break your leg and demand regular medical treatment.

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  9. Verdana

    It is clear: Barbados Gov.t and Fidel have something in common: they don’t like democracy, cannot accept real democratic opposition.