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Barbados Greenland Landfill Tenders: Let The Graft Begin!

From a story in The Barbados Advocate…

Tenders For Greenland Landfill Open!

The opening for tenders for the retrofit of the Greenland Landfill took place yesterday at the Sanitation Services Authority (SSA) headquarters… The meeting…saw prospective bids which far exceeded the $11 to $15 million range, according to Richard Goddard, a member of the DLP party…

Goddard said he … was told that the highest bid came from a construction firm out of Trinidad and Tobago, Capital SCC Construction at $25 million. The lowest bid came from the Barbadian-based construction company, Brathwaite’s Construction and Transport Services Ltd, which was $12 million.

Other prospective tenders were the locally based Black Bess Quarry, who teamed up with an international construction firm, SEC and put in a bid of $24 million and C.O. Williams who in conjunction with the UK-based construction firm, J. McArdle Contracts Ltd., placed a bid of $22 million.

And The Nation News…

Goddard May Sue Over Greenland Retrofit Bid

RICHARD GODDARD, one of the bidders for the retrofitting of the Greenland Landfill in St Andrew, is threatening to take Government to court if it does not give him more time to study documents.

Goddard said he requested certain information relative to public liability on the landfill, but even though his correspondence was acknowledged, to date he had not received the information requested.

The only corporations likely to receive multi-million dollar contracts with the Barbados Government are those with friends IN the government. As far as Mr. Goddard not receiving the information necessary to complete his bid, that is just a standard tactic used to get rid of bidders who aren’t welcome.

Let’s face it – even in this age of the internet, the Owen Arthur Government won’t even post public transcripts of debates in the Legislature. Bajan citizens just aren’t mature enough to have access to raw information that hasn’t been processed by the state.

Why would the Government of Barbados treat Mr. Goddard with any less contempt than it shows to other ordinary citizens?


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