Cricket World Cup 2007 “Costs Out Of Control”

Regarding those government cost estimates for the Cricket World Cup 2007? Forget everything that you were told initially. Now, slowly move your hand to your purse or wallet. Still there? Good.

For the next ten years, just remember to keep one hand on your purse at all times – because this is starting to look like it is really going to hurt tax-wise for a long, long time after the last perfect flipper is bowled.

From our “Why Should We Be Surprised?” files…

“I am hoping we are going to be able to stage the games, but the costs have gotten out of control…”

“There has to be a stop to this escalation of costs, otherwise we are going to stage the World Cup and we are going to end up with an awful amount of debt…”

Dr Ralph Gonsalves, St Vincent’s Prime Minister, in an interview with Tony Best and Haydn Gill at The Nation News.

And what does World Cup Barbados chairman Chris deCaires have to say in the same article?

“Our estimates were the best estimates at the time…”



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5 responses to “Cricket World Cup 2007 “Costs Out Of Control”

  1. well if wunnah din expose the plan to use the 10 dollar a da indians they might have controlled costs 🙂

  2. I thought from the start that the whole hosting the World Cup thing would be far more trouble than it’s worth. But I don’t have any input into that sort of decision, I just have to live with the consequences. Such is life in the tropics…

  3. most big sporting events the preparations run over budget and the citizens of the country are left with some white elephant stadium and tonnes of debt. For Barbados and the West Indies I guess they are hoping that the tonnes of ‘free’ promotion they get from hosting the event offsets the financial losses in preparation. I think it may be not the more adept thinking because when you think about it its a rather large crap shoot. The folks who watch the world cup are mainly the Brits, the Aussies, Kiwis and south africans and then millions of folks in India. Now we already have a great portion of the british market locked plus all of these other countries are in the east. We should be marketing to folks closer to hoe who can afford a flight to Barnados, a cheap flight from South Africa, India or Australia to Barbados is still pretty expensive its not like we will be getting millions of Indian visitor afterwarsd because they saw the west indies on tv. We’re not marketing to the right crowd at all.

  4. niyas

    pls link to watch cricket world cup2007 free watch

  5. Jerome Hinds

    The Barbados LOC claims…sponsors return of tickets now is responsible for the availability of these free tickets…!

    The LOC , BLP , CWC have been found wanting as far as the TRUTH is concerned….!

    They claim that these free tickets are returned tickets from sponsors!

    But for me these are tickets that were NEVER sold…!

    I believe that the poor crowds throughout the tournament confirms this.

    High ticket prices + high airfares + high hotel prices + high food prices = CWC 2007 Disaster.