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Cricket World Cup 2007 “Costs Out Of Control”

Regarding those government cost estimates for the Cricket World Cup 2007? Forget everything that you were told initially. Now, slowly move your hand to your purse or wallet. Still there? Good.

For the next ten years, just remember to keep one hand on your purse at all times – because this is starting to look like it is really going to hurt tax-wise for a long, long time after the last perfect flipper is bowled.

From our “Why Should We Be Surprised?” files…

“I am hoping we are going to be able to stage the games, but the costs have gotten out of control…”

“There has to be a stop to this escalation of costs, otherwise we are going to stage the World Cup and we are going to end up with an awful amount of debt…”

Dr Ralph Gonsalves, St Vincent’s Prime Minister, in an interview with Tony Best and Haydn Gill at The Nation News.

And what does World Cup Barbados chairman Chris deCaires have to say in the same article?

“Our estimates were the best estimates at the time…”



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