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Barbados Car Rental Advice: “Notorious Locals Rob Tourists In Their Cars” & “Be Careful of The Water”

A car rental website describing itself as a “partner” with Stoutes Car Rental Ltd. and New Frontier Rent-A-Car in Barbados cautions prospective tourists to Barbados that “Notorious Locals” in the North and East rob tourists who drive rental cars.

The CRX Car Rental Express website cautions…

“Be wary of strangers trying to get you out of your car. The North and East are notorious for locals trying to rob tourists in their cars.”

Oh… remember to be careful of the water, too…

“Health risks: Dengue fever, diarrhea and intestinal parasites; leptospirosis can be present in freshwater streams.”

CRX2 J2.jpg

One cannot underestimate the importance of the internet in shaping foreign perceptions of Barbados. In the past, Barbados could count upon friendly media and the travel industry to happily promote our country while overlooking a few of the problems. In such a time, it may have been possible to keep secrets from the world at large… but the internet has ended the ability of government and business to control the flow of information.

The car rental website alleges that we have problems with tourists being robbed in their cars, and problems with serious waterborne diseases. Barbados Free Press will be looking into both these issues to learn just how serious the situation is, and whether authorities have taken any actions to rectify the problems.


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Free Barbados Government Money!

Short of cash? Need a few million?

No Problem!

Just open an airline. Doesn’t have to be profitable or well-run. Doesn’t even have to have Bajan pilots or cabin crew – you’ll get your Barbados tax dollars anyway!

Apply here.

Photo: LIAT Airline DeHavilland DH8 Dash 8

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