Andy The Hobo Traveler Hits the Caribbean – Maybe Barbados

Andy The Hobo Traveler in Laos

For those not familiar with Andy the Hobo Traveler and his blog, now might be a good time to have a look as he is in Trinidad and might be stopping in Barbados. For the last 9 years, Andy has been traveling the world as a “hobo”: making his living by writing a blog of his travels to 66 countries at last count.

We have followed his adventures through Africa and Asia – lost in Nepal, chased by a lion in Kenya and frightened to death in Iraq. Yes, Iraq as a tourist. Andy is 49 years old, looks about 15 years younger and hardly had a dollar to his name until his started his blog and began posting Google AdSense advertisements. Now, his blog is rated by Forbes as the Number 5 Travel Website in the World with over 10,000 photos personally taken, 200 newsletters published to 7000 subscribers and almost 2000 blog entries read by over 10,000 people daily.

For all his success and even fame at writing, Andy is the first to admit that he is a horrible writer – even childish and uneducated.

But he has a special something that makes 10,000 people visit his blog each and every day. Check it out.

Photo: Andy in Laos

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