New Barbados High Court Judge Jacqueline Cornelius Sworn In. HOWEVER…

“Barbados’ latest High Court judge was sworn in yesterday. Jacqueline Cornelius, 41, took the oath of office from Governor-General Sir Clifford Husbands in a ceremony at Government House. Madame Justice Cornelius brings 17 years’ experience as a practising lawyer.”

From The Nation News Online front page.

Welcome to your new office, Madame Justice Cornelius. Now, do you intend to resign from your position on the Board of Directors for the Central Bank of Barbados? The bank’s web site still shows you as a Director, and with all those law suits brewing and you now sitting on both the Bench and the Board of Directors – wouldn’t it be better for the appearance of Justice if you resigned from one of the positions?

Must be an oversight. We’re sure you’ll correct it the minute that somebody draws your attention to this posting.


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6 responses to “New Barbados High Court Judge Jacqueline Cornelius Sworn In. HOWEVER…

  1. interesting. does anyone even bother about conflicts of interest these days though. doesnt seem like it

  2. BFP

    Hi jdid

    We should be caring about conflicts of interest – both real and apparent.

    Someone over at Barbados Forum “thought” that she had already resigned, but no announcement of the resignation was made. That doesn’t cut it though – how are we to know if she did resign before becoming a judge, or just submitted the resignation when she was caught out.

    Things must not only be done properly, they must be seen to be done properly.

    High Court Judge Jacqueline Cornelius failed this first test of independence.

  3. Madam J Cornelius

    Even the most preliminary research or inquiry would have revealed that upon my appointment I resigned as a director of the Central Bank.

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  5. ross

    And it is still there.

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