Barbados Mascoll Affair Fuels Electorate Cynicism

Former Leader of Barbados’ Opposition Party, Clyde Mascoll, sat as an independent for about five seconds before abandoning years of criticizing the actions of the government. By crossing the floor, in one motion he embraced his new political master and exchanged his principles for… what? Power? Perks? Revenge?

Whatever his motives (and Mr. Mascoll has not come close to being forthright about his motives), his actions have fuelled cynicism – especially among the non-partisan electorate.

Titilayo at Gallimaufry says that she’s done writing about politics for now and will be posting pretty pictures of cows instead. She may post the cows, but we doubt (and hope) that she has not really given up on making the Government of Barbados accountable.

Here’s some of the comments Titilayo picked up from the Barbados Forum before it was hacked…

“…until we have a a hospital where we can receive timely efficient medical attention, until we have roads free of major roadworks for at least a year, until our unemployment is really lowered, salaries and literacy raised higher, and we have one true Barbados, Mascoll (and all the others who might follow suit) can cross the floor, lie down in the middle of it, or mop it… it wouldn’t mean a thing to me.”

“I long for the day when I cast my vote for the person who will do the best for the country I live in, as opposed to voting for who I think might do the least amount of damage to it.”

Full text see “So You Can’t Predict The Flop”

Lucille Baird wrote in the Barbados Advocate

“I’m very disappointed in the stance that Mr. Clyde Mascoll has taken in crossing the floor. Today, I want to direct this column to his attention, because it’s so easy to forget the past, as we’re confronted and overwhelmed by the present.”

“…lest (Mascoll) forgets that it was he who warned us, the people of Barbados and the Caribbean to shun the very appearance of evil coming from the BLP in the form of the GEMS project (Hotel and Resorts Ltd $200 million) mismanagement, the Greenland Landfill $30 million error in judgement, the NHC building at Warrens that was termed as a national disgrace; and lest he forgets I want to remind him of all the ill-treatment he suffered during the pushing down of his ill-advised construction of the kiosk at Deacons Farm.”

“I wept for him then. But, Oh! How he has forgotten!…”

Greenland Landfill. GEMS Scandal. National Housing Corporation. Barbados Water Authority supply & quality failures. Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation mess. Corruption in Urban & Rural Development.

Mr. Mascoll and Mr. Arthur may want to forget these “little bumps”, but the people of Barbados will not.

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4 responses to “Barbados Mascoll Affair Fuels Electorate Cynicism

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  2. Jerome Hinds

    Clyde ‘ the Great Betrayer ‘ Mascoll is the epitome of a Negrocratic poodle. He now barks to the tune of his father Owen Seymour Arthur – between the 2 of them they have sunk Barbados politics to an all-time low!!

    What else can we say or think of 2 poppets who pretend to be at loggerheads with eachother – but apparently were only doing so in order to emasculate our treasury!

    Poodles they are and the rest of this BLP bunch !!!

  3. De Orginal

    Ohh jerome you are a master at words but I think I should add the man lacks credibility. As Lucille Baird said to him “I wept for him then. But, Oh! How he has forgotten!…” Let me inform all he might have forgotten but the electorate in St Michael North West I am sure will not forget.

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