Barbados Forum Hacked – Barbados Free Press Attacked

Some of our readers have let us know that the Barbados Forum has been down for a while after a malicious hacking attack. While our friends are working hard to put everything back together, we have to point out that this type of attack is not unexpected – especially when Bajans “Tell it like it is.” Fortunately, Barbados Forum has managed to restore almost all the posts and only lost a couple of days worth. (Congratulations on a successful backup policy guys!)

Here at Barbados Free Press, we also experienced a fairly concentrated attack on the morning of January 30th with the trace-route pointing to a proxy server in Russia. This does not mean that the attack originated in Russia – only that a Russian server was used to conceal the true origin. In all likelihood, the attacks originated a little closer to home than Russia.

At Barbados Forum, and here at BFP, we are asking ourselves, “Who has the most to gain from preventing Bajans from discussing politics and social issues?”

Everyone on Barbados should be asking themselves the same question.


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9 responses to “Barbados Forum Hacked – Barbados Free Press Attacked

  1. boy i best not be seen getting too close wid wunnah i cant afford nuh hacks 🙂

  2. easyboy

    once yuh on the net this kind of thing will happen

  3. The Captain

    Because I have a “hack-saw” in my tool chest, please be assured…IT WASN’T ME.

  4. Flying Fish

    As a forum member noted, “they may knock us down, but they are sure as hell not going to knock us out.”

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  6. J. Payne

    Easy way to deal with hackers… write to the Internet company that owns the webserver. Best of all, write to the Namesever1, Namesever2 and Namesever3 domain owners.

  7. Baje

    Don’t stop your good work bfp. They would stop at nothing to stop this site. The harder they come the harder they would fall

  8. MopyoppommurN

    Olympics 2008 Medal Standings (????? 2008)

  9. GregoryMonroe

    How you think, in our situation whis crisis its actual?