Around the Web: Blogs Discuss Barbados, Clyde Mascoll, Owen Arthur & David Thompson

We Bajans often think that our small island is generally unnoticed by other countries, but a tour around the web shows that lately, our political situation is being followed by bloggers outside of Barbados. Here are a few samples…

“Bajan Poli-tricks” is how one ex-pat Bajan blogger describes what is going on in Barbados politics. Jdid of Doan Mind Me Blog in Toronto Canada posted…

“Many said they couldn’t see Mascoll leading the country so they are glad to see him go. His replacement Thompson was the former golden boy of the party but his election results left his image tarnished and one wonders if he can regain his former luster.”

“This opposition has lacked effective leadership, with power struggles erupting at some of the most inopportune times. Where they might have the opportunity to shore up their support and capitalize on the government’s missteps instead they have become bogged down by ineffectiveness, argument and controversy amongst their ranks not putting up a united front with the small number of members they have in parliament.

That’s pretty sad because with their strength absent it really doesn’t leave the average bajan with much choice at the polls. The country is fast becoming a one party state.”

Jamaican blogger Scratchie’s World, watching Bajan politics as well as Jamaican, pointed out that Mascoll’s defection to the ruling party isn’t all that surprising…

“yup…..thing is when you see these opposing sides at it in parliament …catch them at the party scene….best of friends.”

Scratchie might have a point there!

Emmanuel Asomba at Poverty & Social Development has some nasty words for Prime Minister Owen Arthur over his refusal to sign on with Petro Caribe – calling him “a loyal liegeman of President Bush…”

Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion, I guess.

Even in China, bloggers and the media are talking about the CSME – Caribbean Single Market Economy – pact signed by Prime Minister Owen Arthur on Monday. While Barbados might be a tiny player on the world stage, we are there!


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5 responses to “Around the Web: Blogs Discuss Barbados, Clyde Mascoll, Owen Arthur & David Thompson

  1. Did you really find Chinese bloggers commenting on the CSME?

    The link you include is to news story from Xinhuanet, the Chinese news agency.

  2. BFP


    We will look for it again. Most embarassing to be a victim of a bad cut and paste.

    Thanks for the tip, Georgia!

  3. Hello,

    Just to bring a little rectification about the article on Owen Arthur, and the PetroCaribe issues. This article has been written by Kaia Lai, Research Associate for the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

    Cheers — — Emma

  4. Thanks for the correction Emma. That is the good thing about the web – we all can help each other and hold each other accountable for the truth.

    Now if we could apply those principles as easily to our government…


  5. Hi Shona,

    I guess that this is part of the paradigm, when it comes to change and accountability in government actions. On another note, I would like to include a link to your site on mine:

    Cheers — — Emma