Barbados Politics: Too Much Confusion, So Much Frustration

Our friend Titilayo runs Gallimaufry*, “A blog about nothing in particular.” This week, SHE (corrected!) sums up the political feelings of many Bajans with his post “Too Much Confusion, So Much Frustration“…

All of which just leaves me shaking my head. As I said, I try not to get tie up with politics, but I found myself unaccountably let down by Mr. Mascoll’s move to the ruling party… I had always thought of him as a man of some integrity, a man who would be directed by principle and not by political expediency. And now, much like Jeannette Layne-Clark, I find myself somewhat dismayed and disappointed.

Gallimaurfry reader Sungoddess commented… “My concern is that there is no real opposition in Barbados. It’s very close to a political dictatorship, because there is no opposing view.”

Yes, indeed, Sungoddess. Yes, indeed.

*Gallimaurfry: A hotchpotch, jumble or confused medley.


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5 responses to “Barbados Politics: Too Much Confusion, So Much Frustration

  1. LOL… people took me for a ‘he’ all the time when I was writing for the newspapers.

    Hey, thanks Marcus for the link back… and no, don’t mind you using my comments…

    Bless up!

  2. Shona

    A sunny hug to Titilayo and Sungoddess

    Marcus think the whole world is for the man. Don’t let HIM bother you none. we have to keep a control of him every day! Good to see you coming around.

  3. Good to see some more Bajans doing the writing thing guys. Makes a brother a little less lonely in cyberspace.

    Regarding Mascolls defection. I havent followed barbados politics as closely as I would like but I kind of agreed with Eric Lewis’ take on it last week. Now I know that folk are disappointed that Mascoll has defected but did he jump or was he pushed?

  4. Whoes fault is it that Barbados doesn’t have a strong opposition. The DLP themselves. Too much in-house fighting. They need to clean their act up. Meanwhile all the fussing, cussing and name calling, Owen and the BLP are taking advantage of the situation and running. Mascoll jumped because he couldn’t stand the pressure.

  5. There are at the moment in Barbados four parties: two old parties – the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), and two new parties – the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) and the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP). Of course, it is the BLP that still stands as the governing party of this country, having been in this position since 1994. Therefore, this leaves us with the DLP, PDC and PEP constituting some of the political opposition in the country. The implication of the latter statement is that there are other political opposition forces besides those three parties.

    For certainly there are political groups like trade unions and associations, credit union organizations, employers associations, professional associations, vendors associations, small business association that at one or another time will perform or would have performed the role of opposition to this beleaguered BLP regime or many of callous-minded policies and programs. Of course, their type and level of opposition to government or its policies and programs will differ from the parties and will among themselves differ according to their own political demands and objectives in the wider political scheme of things.

    And there are other political forces that oppose this flagging BLP government or its policies and programs. We speak to very politically inclined individual citizens who from time to time will perform or would have performed political opposition roles and functions against this wretched BLP government for things like the squandering of scarce public finances on unncessary and useless projects like the Greenland Landfill, the Gems, EDUTECH albeit not dissimiliar to some roles and functions on the whole of parties and political groups. Even within the BLP there are some members who will perform or would have performed political opposition roles and functions to this failed and disgustingBLP Government that has already promised to make Barbados a Republic but that has up to now NOT done so, and that at one stage had been hinting at the legalization of prostitution and homosexuality in Barbados, much to the chragrin of many churches and other social groups in Barbados.

    So from this ideational schema, it can be arrived at the conclusion that there are so many political opposition forces to this BLP Government that it is philosophically untrue to say that there is no real oppositon to this BLP Government. As a matter of fact as we continue to canvas in many constituencies through out Barbados, the vast majority of Barbadians that are committed to voting in the Next Elections are telling us that they are intent on VOTING for parties other than the BLP. Hence, they are rightly in political and electoral opposition to this BLP Government that has since 1994 allowed thousands of acres of our precious lands to be sold off to foreigners, even while many thousands of Barbadian citizens cannot possess lands of their own!! What is important to understand and accept in this interaction with fellow posters, too, is that there are many constituents in the earlier mentioned group of constituents across Barbados who, too, are saying that even though they would not have voted in last elections, or in the one before the last, or would NEVER EVER have voted, they are going to make sure that they go out there and vote next time out but NOT for this BLP that has allowed the cost of housing to skyrocket while at the same time NOT making sure that enough housing at affordable rates is provided for Barbadians who are desirous of having their own homes, but simply cannot get or afford any at this stage.

    Another interesting development is happening where they are a lot of constituents, also of the bigger group of constituents mentioned earlier, who are telling us that even though they VOTED BLP last time, VOTED BLP some of the times before, they will NOT be voting entirely next time, or they will VOTE Next Elections but CERTAINLY NOT for the BLP. Also, they are rightly in political and electoral opposition to this insensitive BLP Government or many of its inept policies and programs like making sure that the small, new used car/vehicle dealers were smashed, much to the supposed unheard delight of the traditional vehicle dealers ca!!

    Those partial electoral dimensions above do show that the far from gaining ground the BLP is seriously losing ground to the other parties that are quickly gaining momentum and rising, on a national and constituency basis, and as such this trend will not be possible to be reversed considering the fact that this BLP Government continues to grossly and recklessly mismanage the political and other affairs of this country. Thus, it must be that thousands upon thousands of constituents throughout Barbados are indeed sensing the ineptitude, deficience and indifference of this BLP Government and therefore are the ones who are sick, tired and fed up with BLP politics and governance, and are the ones that therefore are seriously planning to do something serious about this government Next Elections , i.e. to VOTE IT TO HELL OUT OF OFFICE.

    No wonder its NOW seems as if those Elections will be called Next Year, and esp. with the Prime Minister unwisely continuing to paint himself in a political corner, and his continuing to have NO ELECTORAL STATEGIES FOR WINNING THE NEXT ELECTIONS!! But no amount of playing with time will stop the people from VOTING OUT this BLP!!