My Barbados Blog asks “Is Barbados Over-Priced?”

Our blogging friend Linda Thompkins runs “My Barbados Blog” – a travel and vacation blog that is well-written and always interesting. While Linda’s primary focus is Barbados travel and tourism, she also occasionally looks at economic and social issues.

Here is a gem (“GEM”… get it?) from her post “Is Barbados Over-Priced?“…

But is Barbados over-priced? Well sure it is, but what good things aren’t these days! The Barbados government has gone to great length to court the rich and famous who have been buying million dollar properties like the average person buys house wares. And yes, this has driven up the price of real estate and made it difficult for the average Bajan to keep up their lifestyle.

Courting the rich and famous has made more than a few potential vacationers consider another Caribbean island for their vacation after getting a quote. Can Barbados Keep Up This Pace? Well there’s one thing for sure, as any Bajan will tell you, “there’s only so much of this rock”! Sooner or later, large plots of land will run out. An island only has so much space.

“…there’s only so much of this rock…”

And therein lies the problem. When the government of the day takes the small parcels of lands of ordinary working Bajans for “super projects” the likes of Flyovers and Polo Fields and does not pay the realistic value for the land, it is unjust.

When certain relatives or associates of politicians then profit from the land takeover, or even end up owning the land, that is theft, political corruption and breach of the public trust. Pure and simple.

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