Barbados Tender Process Corrupt?

The $120 million dollar flyover project announced last year by Barbados Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke continues to be the subject of rumours and questions about the lack of open process in the awarding of the contracts.

As usual, Oliver Jackman of The Nation was right on the money when he commented

“…there has been no official denial of allegations that the project was not put out to tender. If these allegations are accurate, there arises the question of the legal propriety of the ministry’s actions.”

“…it does seem to me that democratic governance in Barbados would benefit from the appearance of a whistle-blower or two.”

Barbados cannot afford to have international investors wondering about how public contracts are awarded, or how much of their money will end up going into illegal kickbacks. As citizens, we should not have doubts about where our money is ending up.

“Follow The Money” has always been good advice when investigating corruption. At Barbados Free Press, we intend to do exactly that.


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  1. Jupiter


    Who are these people like the one above who are now coming on this site with a one liner post that has no relevance to the topic they are posting under?

    Do you think there is something afoot here?

    It’s very annoying and it’s almost causing me to avoid the comments of blog names I don’t recognise,and sadly I may miss some interesting points of view.

    Also names from the name bar keeps disappearing or other names appearing,and sometime posts are snatched (which you have explained),but I believe someone may be trying to ‘do you in’.

  2. BFP

    Hi Folks

    Barbados Free Press is under attack electronically.

    Over 500 attempts in the last 24 hours.

    Keep the faith. Pray.

  3. Jupiter

    Thanks BFP

    I know something was up.

    Keep the faith we are with you on this.

    What are they (ie the government) so scared of?

    The stakes must be very high.

    I hope our Intl readers see the kind of enviroment we live in under this BLP gov’t.

    Agusto Pinochet revisted.

  4. Bajanboy


    What is wordpress saying about all of this? Surely, the integrity of the blogging process must be very important to them. There must be some reoccuring IP addresses from the purpotrators that some insider at a local ISP could track.

  5. Straight talk

    As VECO our strategic partners in the new oil terminal and prison are under investigation by the FBI for alleged illegal payments to politicians, I thought I’d Google up our flyover friends, hoping for a boost in confidence.
    3S Structural Steel Solutions LLC, Maryland, USA.
    Seems they have no web presence, factory or trade journal recognition.
    They operate out of rented serviced offices and that’s it, not even in the Yellow Pages.
    How Barbados so quickly found these guys and not Winston Hall is amazing.
    Somebody out there please tell me I’m wrong and it’s not just a fly by night operation.
    Does anyone know the previous on Jonathan Danos or Ian Fields?

  6. J. Payne

    The comment right above mine… Is that what you are talking about Jupiter? It says absolutely nothing other than they thought it was informative. (WHY???) and they suspect they might choose to bookmarket to see this again. (Again WHY?)

  7. Straight talk

    Kids should be seen and not read!

  8. Thistle


    What is going on with all these nonsensical “This is very nice and informative post …” comments? Are they genuine, or is it a scam?

  9. J. Payne

    Listen here informative… If you keep this up. I’m going to start taking down the WHOIS attached to your URLs and I’m going to write to ICANN and the US Federal Trade Commission at and report you. Cyber terrorism byway of trying to flood an Internet service is a crime.

  10. J. Payne

    Listen here “informative.” If you keep this up. I myself am going to start taking down the WHOIS information attached to your URLs and I’m going to write to ICANN and the US Federal Trade Commission at and report you. Cyber terrorism byway of trying to flood an Internet server/service is a crime you’ve been warned take it elsewhere.

  11. Anonymous

    What is this all about?

  12. BFP Cliverton Not Signed In

    Hi J. Payne

    That is a spam advertisement post. Nobody is moderating this morning so you are seeing a few that have slipped through the anti-spam software.

    To put some perspective on this – BFP receives over a thousand of these spams per day and each one has to be reviewed and permanently removed.

    That’s how much work it takes to keep this blog going without writing one word or article.

    George usually takes care of spam but he’s busy this morning helping Marcus.

    If I can get signed in I’ll try to take care of it until George shows up.


  13. Recent Comments- A Suggestion…….

    BFP -it made a world of a difference when you extended the list to show the last 15 posts, but with these one-line rubbish posts coming in thick and fast, the thoughtful stuff disappears before one can catch them.

    How about listing under Recent Comments only those posts which have something to contribute to the subject, omitting all the little pleasantries like “lol”, and “I fully agree with x” etc. This would serve the purpose of the Recent Posts column far better. Do other folks agree?

  14. Adrian Loveridge

    Straight Talk…

    Jonathan Danos was awarded the MBE in 2000.
    He is a member of the Longriders Guild and a Hash Harrier,
    His email address is:

  15. Straight talk

    Thanks Adrian,

    I already had that info plus his Priory School Jamaica entry before my March 3rd post above.

    What would be really interesting is to discover why, when MPW were in Panama, the decision was taken to commit Barbados Flyover project to an employee and not with the reputable, renowned experts in the field, Mabey & Johnson themselves.

    That’s why the DAG – Jamaica connection is intriguing.

    Any reply to your email yet?

    I suspect Mr Danos may be up early this morning.

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