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Open Intelligence Database

Barbados Free Press is much more than just another website about Barbados. It was designed from the start to be an Open Intelligence Database: a valuable tool for anyone who needs an insider’s knowledge of Barbados, the people and the invisible networks that often impact life, politics and investments here on the island.

Every article we publish is archived and linked under various categories – and is “free form” searchable by any of our visitors. Outside web links and open sources from the Internet are also permanently archived so that linked sources will always remain available even if the outside website has been taken down.

Our blog format with reader comments also means that anyone can add to the knowledge base. “Open Intelligence” means exactly that: Open and available to all. As the months and years pass, Barbados Free Press will become a major resource for those who love Barbados, and like us, believe that knowledge, transparency and accountability are fundamental to a healthy democracy.

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Barbados Tender Process Corrupt?

The $120 million dollar flyover project announced last year by Barbados Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke continues to be the subject of rumours and questions about the lack of open process in the awarding of the contracts.

As usual, Oliver Jackman of The Nation was right on the money when he commented

“…there has been no official denial of allegations that the project was not put out to tender. If these allegations are accurate, there arises the question of the legal propriety of the ministry’s actions.”

“…it does seem to me that democratic governance in Barbados would benefit from the appearance of a whistle-blower or two.”

Barbados cannot afford to have international investors wondering about how public contracts are awarded, or how much of their money will end up going into illegal kickbacks. As citizens, we should not have doubts about where our money is ending up.

“Follow The Money” has always been good advice when investigating corruption. At Barbados Free Press, we intend to do exactly that.


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