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If tourism is our main economic engine, let’s ban billboards on the ABC Highway

Barbados billboards

Sign the petition today!

We the residents of and visitors to Barbados do not want to see billboards on the ABC Highway. We respectfully insist that any current or future proposal to erect billboards on the ABC Highway must be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment to evaluate the negative impacts on road safety, nearby property values, hurricane preparedness, scenic environment and tourism.

Sign the petition HERE

Thanks to an old friend for the tip.


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A day late and a dollar short…

By Janelle Riley-Thornhill

Over the last few years it seems that we have been losing more and more open windows to the sea along the South, and particularly the West Coast of the island, and many persons have expressed concern about this limited beach access and the impact it has been having on Barbadians…

…Preserving our windows to the sea

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Future Centre Trust – Green Noise forum about solid waste management

Barbados Future Centre Trust

Future Centre Trust

Green Noise (A public forum which will inform our advocacy on solid waste management)

When: Wednesday June 26, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Where: Guardian General Insurance Recreational Room

Facilitated by Kammie Holder, FCT Board member and the FCT team.

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/291541624316003/

Our focus:

If “green” is the new buzzword…what does that really mean in Barbados?

Littering….air,water, soil quality….What do we in Barbados see as the most pressing environmental and therefore economical problems?

What “green” solutions do we need to focus on in Barbados?

Should we be “mekkin noise” individually about an issue rather than collectively voicing, documenting AND acting towards solutions?

Really though…we are asking YOU!

The Future Centre Trust wants to hear from you about how we should move forward as an organization as we ALL “Step Towards a Greener Barbados”.

This listening session will inform our advocacy for the pending Solid Waste Management Act.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you can’t make it, please be sure to email us your comments beforehand.

Kind Regards,

Future Centre Trust

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Barbadians should shake and fold!

The popular adoption of small ideas can lead to big changes. Here’s one from the TED Talks.


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Travel + Leisure Magazine does undeserved hack job on Barbados

Travel Leisure Magazine

by Happy Visitor

You have to wonder about the reasoning behind the Travel + Leisure magazine article about the 2013 World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index.

The WEF rated Barbados at a very respectable 27 out of 140 countries rated and near the very top in a number of categories: Sanitary (1), Hospital beds per population (12), Regulatory framework (13), Prioritization of Travel & Tourism (8), Ground transport infrastructure (9), Affinity for Travel & Tourism (2), Education quality (7) and so on.

But what does Travel + Leisure magazine focus upon? We did poorly for Natural Resources (133). That’s no surprise given our population density, lack of natural resources, water shortage and frankly, successive governments and a population that don’t seem bothered by trash or paving over natural habitats. Yes, we could use some big improvements in that sector, but with all we have to offer and how well we did overall, it is unfair for the magazine to mention one of our few faults without commenting on our overall standing or successes featured in the WEF’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index.

Further Reading

2013 World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (PDF 6mb)


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Future Centre Trust looking for help with booth at UWI’s ‘Going Green Day’

Barbados Future Centre Trust

The Future Centre Trust has been invited to participate in the Going Green Expo being organised by the Science and Technology Student Committee of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, on Monday March 4, 2013.

“The Going Green Day is one of the events organised by the Student Committee during the Faculty’s Week of Activities under the theme “Science and Technology – Endless Possibilities” which run from 3rd – 9th March 2013. The main objective of the Going Green day is to heighten awareness on campus of Energy Efficiency.”

The expo runs from 11:30 til 3:00 pm and the Future Centre Trust needs help setting up and running their booth.

How about it, folks? Come and give FCT a hand and you’ll have a chance to meet BFP’s co-editor, Cliverton – who will be hanging about the campus as usual.

So give the Future Centre Trust a call and a few hours help…

T: +1 246 625 2020  |  C: +1 246 836 6188  |  F: +1 246 620 2021
E: volunteer@futurecentretrust.org | info@futurecentretrust.org

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First year of mandatory National Youth Service should consist of nothing but garbage clean-up.

Mandatory National Youth Service: A good idea that could save our young people from themselves

by Arthur M.

The Barbados government’s plan to institute a mandatory ‘draft’ of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 for two years of community service is an excellent idea that should be implemented right away. The critics of the plan are welcome to voice their objections in a free society and although I share some of their concerns about ‘enforcement’ of the service, I vote yes. We must do it.

The need is too great and the benefits to the youths and the country are too precious to waste any time. Do it now!

Mandatory service in the National Youth Service serves many good purposes that have nothing to do with the promoted financial benefits. Joint mandatory service makes our youths work with each other for the common good. This will teach young people how much Bajans can accomplish if we work together.

Hopefully the lessons learned will continue after the two years service is completed and many will discover how fulfilling it is to become active in community service.

Serving your country will be taken to a whole new level for thousands of local youth.

Under a new National Youth Service, to be implemented by Government as part of the island’s new National Youth Policy, all Barbadians between the ages of 15 and 29 will be mandated to give hundreds of hours of civic national service spread over two years.

Government is hoping to gain “considerable” financial savings by deploying these youth “to youth development programmes such as the Holiday Camps, youth and community groups and sports clubs”.

… from Barbados Today All Must Serve

I suggest that for the first year of their participation in the programme, all young people do nothing else except clean up garbage around the island. During the second half of their service they can move into other specialized service areas but everybody should have to start by doing the first half of their service picking up garbage in organised work crews.

The mandatory nature of this ‘low’ physical labour no matter how wealthy or educated the family or individual will teach mutual respect throughout our society. Think of two Bajans meeting 20 years from now, one a bank manager and one a road worker: both will have served as youths doing physical labour picking up garbage, working with others both rich and poor.

Then there is the practical aspect of the first year garbage work: this country is awash in garbage to the point where it is impacting our ability to proudly host tourists. Tourism is our #1 economic foundation. Without it we would be finished. Look around Barbados right from the City to the roads and gullies: garbage and more garbage, so much garbage that our reputation is being attacked and any thinking person would have to agree that the place is looking badly.

Have you been along the ‘new’ boardwalk lately? Have you walked down some of the paths and gullies that used to be so beautiful? A piece of rubbish there and an old shoe there and a wrapper and soon anyplace becomes a rogue tipping site. The National Youth Service could keep these places clean and foster an increased awareness in the population.

If you have to clean it up you probably won’t contribute to the mess.

It is too bad that this good idea of mandatory service for our young people was so long in coming.

B’town garbage photo courtesy of stolen from The Bajan Reporter


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