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Raul Garcia vs. Bajan national Earl Victor

Fabricated murder charge dropped, but Earl Victor still held for five years by Nora It was the Barbados Free Press (BFP) who blew the lid on the Director of Public Prosecution Charles Leacock corruption racket. It was the BFP who … Continue reading


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Raul Garcia free after being jailed illegally for three years

After serving a 20 year jail sentence for drug trafficking, and then being held illegally for almost three years by a Barbados Government that refused to obey a Supreme Court ruling, Raul Garcia walked free yesterday. Barbados Free Press published … Continue reading


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Abused Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia denied proper medical treatment: Suspected cancer

A source informs Barbados Free Press that illegally-imprisoned Cuban Raul Garcia is thought to have bleeding sores and internal lumps (including one large internal lump) that could be cancerous, but he is not being offered proper medical care. “If this … Continue reading


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Barbados denies radio and television to illegal prisoner Raul Garcia

Is it about torture? Power? Continued punishment? by West Side Davie Why would lawyers for Barbados argue against allowing Raul Garcia to watch TV or listen to a radio? Good Lord! Raul Garcia finished his 20 year sentence for drugs … Continue reading


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Judge orders illegal prisoner Raul Garcia to be brought before Barbados court

Illegally held for two and a half years by Prime Minister Feundel Stuart “The legal counsel noted, too, that if the court found Garcia to in fact, be a stateless person, he would also be constitutionally entitled to choose his … Continue reading


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Dithering Prime Minister Stuart admits he can’t make up his mind about Raul Garcia: DLP Leadership defined!

Garcia story an ideal illustration of our do-nothing, accidental ‘Leader’ Seven months after prisoner Raul Garcia’s hunger strike, and after seven months of press conferences and announcements about what the DLP Government intends with Raul Garcia, accidental Prime Minister Freundel … Continue reading


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Barbados continues to illegally imprison Raul Garcia

Unless the rule of law means nothing in this country, Raul Garcia should be immediately freed under the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons. That’s the law and a 2009 Supreme Court judgment backs it up. Instead … Continue reading


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Barbados Bar Association President says “FREE RAUL GARCIA – he’s Bajan!”

Barbados has been holding Raul Garcia in prison illegally for the last two years. So say our courts and the United Nations. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart lied about releasing Mr. Garcia just so he would stop his hunger strike that … Continue reading


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Conscience tells us that Raul Garcia should be freed

“The inner voice of my conscience tells me that there is something seriously wrong with the way Mr. Garcia has been treated thus far.” “Somehow the government of Barbados thinks that it has the moral authority to confine Mr. Garcia … Continue reading


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U.S. State Department issues Human Rights report on Barbados: Mentions Raul Garcia’s unlawful detention

Barbados Human Rights… according to the United States of America You can read the report at the U.S. State Department here. Bajan Reporter has the full text of Hillary Clinton’s speech about the Annual Human Rights Report. U.S. Department of … Continue reading


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Concerns for Raul Garcia’s safety

Recent developments have made me increasingly concerned about the safety of Raul Garcia once he enters the special facility. The facility was allegedly identified in a photo published in the ‘Sun’ newspaper two Sundays ago. It was stated as being … Continue reading


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Barbados Chief Justice informs United Nations of human rights violation against Raul Garcia

Now this is interesting… When was the last time you heard of the Chief Justice of a sovereign country informing UN High Commissioner for Human Rights of a violation of human rights in his own country? Good for Chief Justice … Continue reading


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Barbados Prime Minister admits Immigration detainee Raul Garcia is being punished

Raul Garcia illegally held in ‘punitive facility’ Dodds Prison 43 days ago, Raul Garcia discontinued his ‘fast unto death’ on the word of Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that he would be moved from his illegal imprisonment at H.M. Dodds … Continue reading


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Barbados Government should obey previous Supreme Court judgment and free Raul Garcia

“The applicant has been held in detention at H.M.P Dodds pending deportation for in excess of 17 months. Counsel for the Respondents conceded that as the applicant is a ‘stateless person’, his deportation and expulsion from Barbados could not now … Continue reading


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Attorney General challenges David Comissiong: You don’t really care about Raul Garcia

“Just sign for the prisoner here, Mr. Comissiong” In the language of poker Barbados Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite just told David Comissiong and the Peoples Empowerment Party to “Put up or shut up.” Responding to Comissiong’s criticism about the government … Continue reading


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Will Barbados Show Andy Garcia’s Cuba Movie “The Lost City” ?

Last weekend, our new writer Clive had a wee bit too much rum – and he started to talk about Cuba and what he has seen and heard during his many months living, studying and working in that country. Poverty, … Continue reading

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Cliverton (thoroughly drunk) surfs around on a Friday night…

Above: I can’t believe I posted this! A few interesting links tonight for the bored, the drunks, and the love-life frustrated… At least his heart was in the right place… Yes, he offered to violate the trust of his government … Continue reading


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Barbados could use some of this…

Raul Garcia could use some hugs too.


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